Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Handle Emotional Eating?

What is emotional eating? Before, we discuss that, it will be good to discuss the emotional system. Human beings are gifted with unique emotions. Thinking is creativity. We cannot help but, think. Thinking is the most important activity on the intellectual plane. But, intellectual plane is connected with the emotional plane. Thoughts give birth to emotions. Emotions can change your thoughts. If you are feeling sad, you will only think about sad circumstances. When you are feeling excited, you will only think happy thoughts.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Understanding The 17 Day Diet

If you are keen on losing weight and keeping fit you must have come across the 17 day diet. This is a diet that aids in helping you to shed 10-15 pounds in only 17 days.

The theory behind it is that it creates "body confusion" thus the body is unable to adapt to the changes in the amount of calories that you are taking. As a result of this your metabolism stays in high gear and you are able to lose a lot of fat.


The regimen is divided into three 17 day cycles that are meant to prevent you from getting bored with the food that you eat. The cycles also prevent your body from going into a plateau.

Cycle 1: this one lasts from day one to day 17. The aim of this cycle is to accelerate your body. During this cycle you greatly reduce your sugar intake and focus on improving your digestion.

Monday, October 6, 2014

What Impact Does An Alkaline Diet Have On Multiple Sclerosis?

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis include changes in sensation, vision loss, and weakness. Your diet, including water affects your health. This article looks at what impact an alkaline diet can have on the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

How do you know if you are acidic? You can test your urine or saliva or do an Acidity Self Test. Your diet may be causing your body to become very acidic. Our imbalanced modern diet fosters acidity. Pathogens such as harmful bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic internal environment which can increase your symptoms and level of dis-ease. Switching to an alkaline diet can increase your energy levels and improve your overall health. This can enable you to better manage your symptoms. Here are 3 ways to improve your management of multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

4 Reasons the Paleo Diet Is Right for You

Have you struggled with fad diets that never produce the results you are looking for? Do you want genuine weight loss without unhealthy diets? Then this could be the solution to your weight loss problems! The paleo diet uses true nutrition as the flagship to weight loss success.

If you are wondering whether or not this diet is right for you, consider the following 4 reasons why it will work and why you will see real weight loss if you try it out.

1. It cuts out processed foods. One of the biggest problems Americans face is heart disease related to obesity. Obesity can be contributed to a diet rich in processed man-made foods and lacking in nutrient rich organic food consumption. However, the paleo diet eliminates processed foods and replaces them with healthy nutritious hunter gatherer foods that are easy to find.

2. It isn't like other fad diets. Fad diets often deprive your body of the nutrients that it requires to balance energy levels. In contrast, the paleo diet is a lifestyle that can prevent disease and early death by getting back to the basics. Raw, unprocessed, and organic foods are the staple for this diet.

Diet, Exercise and Motivation

The journey towards successful weight loss is not an easy one. Every year millions of people take up the challenge to lose x number of pounds in so many months or weeks. The success rate is not known. But we do know that vast majority fail. If not there wouldn't be so many programs that cater to different audiences promising so many different types of weight loss. Weight loss is easy if you know the simple math that you should be burning off more calories than what you consume. If you create a calorie deficit by eating less and exercising more you lose weight. The problem with people wanting to lose weight is that they tend to eat all the wrong types of food and expect to lose weight. They also don't exercise portion control when it comes to their favorite foods. If you limit your food intake and exercise portion control you battle of bulge is half won. The next crucial element is exercise.

Physical activity like aerobics, strength training and flexibility training is essential in the quest to weight loss. Aerobics helps increase your metabolic rate which is the rate at which the calories are burned, the strength training exercises help in building muscle which is itself a great way to increase your rate of calories burned. Flexibility training helps in stretching the muscles and increasing their capacity to lift more weight and burn more calories.

Swimming, walking, jogging, running, jumping rope and aerobics are some forms of aerobic exercises, yoga, Pilates, and stretching exercises are some forms of flexibility exercises, lifting weights and training with body weight exercises are some forms of strength training.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Paleo Diet Review

People everywhere are looking for the right way that they can lose weight and get in to better shape soon. Since this is a top priority for many, they will want to explore their options when it comes time to find the best diet to help them lose weight.

They can check out this Paleo Diet review, which will cover the basics of the popular new program. This will help them learn what they can expect to get out of the program and what they may need to do to prepare for it.

Preparing like this will help people get an idea of whether this is the best diet for their needs.

First, some people might be wondering why the program has been named the Paleo or caveman diet. This is simply because the diet strives to get people eating right and watching their weight go down. On this diet, people will be encouraged to eat more whole or unprocessed foods throughout the day.

Relish Your Taste-Buds With Nutritious Slow Carb Diet Plans

The slow carb diet can be used by weight watchers to maintain a slim body-frame without using too much energy. These foods are easy to digest in the body where they are often converted into glucose. They can provide bursts of vigor just a few minutes after intake. Simple carbs consist of monosaccharide molecular chains which are easy to absorb into the bloodstream, they are particularly recommended for those who engage in rigorous exercises that require energy. Most of these healthy ingredients are found in fruits such as avocado, banana and coconuts.

A good slow carb diet may also help regulate your body's sugar level. Since food is digested fast, there would be fewer carbohydrates in the blood and meaning that the ingredient would not be converted to unwanted fats or sugars.

Benefits of the slow carb diet:

This special diet is recommended to prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity and even epilepsy. Some of the foods that fall under this category include eggs, fish and meat. They also contain linoleum fatty acids which help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in one's body-the compound is also beneficial in preventing systolic pressure problems. Other advantages of maintaining a healthy diet include:

a) Improved mental concentration
b) Better dental hygiene
c) Decreased rate of stomach bloating
d) Stable moods and emotions

Other healthy carb sources include spinach, turnips, broccoli, cucumber, pumpkin and celery. Grass-fed lean meat products are also acceptable once in a while, but they should be boiled thoroughly to kill all germs and bacteria. Moreover, seasoning herbs like fresh garlic and turmeric can be mixed with the meat for extra flavor.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Natural Bodybuilding Diet: The Key to Success

Bodybuilding has become a popular trend in today's healthier lifestyle. When you choose to shape up with bodybuilding, it comes with a lot of challenges. These challenges include discovering the true meaning of commitment, self-discipline, dedication and strength - both mental and physical. As well as heavy workouts and exercises, it is also important to have a healthy diet. A natural bodybuilding diet can be a very good diet meal plan, to help you easily achieve a great bodybuilder figure.

What Is Natural Bodybuilding?

Natural bodybuilding is to choose to build your physique without taking any drugs such as steroids, pro-hormones, or other banned substances. It means that there is no substitute for hard work in the gym and a disciplined diet. Being diligent and determined will make you a successful bodybuilder.

Proper Bodybuilding Diet

A sample natural bodybuilding diet meal plan:

07:30 Breakfast : 3 eggs, 100gm wheat bread, 300ml orange juice,
10:00 Protein shake break, 500ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder, 1 banana (100gm)
12:00 Lunch :1 piece large chicken breast grilled without oil, 150gm brown rice, 5 florets steamed broccoli
3:00 Protein shake break, 250ml apple juice, 250ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder
6:00 Dinner :200gm medium salmon steaks, oven baked, 100gm broccoli, 100gm asparagus spears
7:30 Post workout shake : 250ml orange juice, 250ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder
9:00 Supper : 50gm slice of chicken breast, 400gm quark or cottage cheese, 100gm cherries

5 Paleo Diet Tips

Even when it seems that the information is overwhelming for what's healthy and what's not, it is possible to choose a healthy lifestyle that includes modern and manageable choices to accommodate any lifestyle. The Paleo Diet will allow you to eat healthy, enjoy your meals, and assist you in achieving real health and wellness! The Paleo Diet does not include grains, dairy, sugars, or processed foods - none of which provide nutritional value and support disease-causing inflammation in the body. The Paleo Diet supports eating a healthy mix of organic safe meat, fresh vegetables, some fruit, some nuts and seeds... and of course, healthy fats and oils! "Food is our fuel" that makes the body run - what you put into your bod will become the building blocks for every cell, muscle, tissue, and organ. The old adage "you are what you eat" was surprisingly true.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you get started on your Paleo journey to a healthy lifestyle:
1) Pre-cook your food, even bring lunch to work. In order to minimize cooking time, cook large batches of food at the beginning of the week or several days in advance!
2) Keep a paleo-friendly meal replacement bar or shake in your desk or purse in case of a change of plans. Being un-prepared will lead to poor decision making.
3) Try a new vegetable - the more color, and the deeper the color, the more nutritious it is! For example, kale is one of my favorite superfoods and it's very versatile - you can use it in recipes for smoothies, salads, and even cooking as a warm dinner side.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Little Diet Tweaks For 50 Year Old Women That Burn Belly Fat

There are many articles written about the disadvantages women have over 50 when it comes to losing belly fat. While it is true that natural shifts in hormone production make your body more likely to deposit fat in your midsection. The mature woman over 50 has some advantages that make her more likely to finally succeed at fat loss. Because of these advantages making a few little tweaks to her diet can make a big difference to her weight.

As a woman over 50 you have come to understand what works best for you concerning diet. You are also more willing to evaluate weight loss methods and abandon the "miracle diet" for a more intelligent approach to reaching your goal. These traits add up to true advantages and will help you reach your goal of a slimmer waistline.

If you are a woman over 50 who wants to burn belly fat, try these little tweaks for two weeks and notice the difference.

1. Cut the Trans Fats. Trans fats started being used a little over 50 years ago. At the time there were some questions about the safety of these man-made fats, but the food industry loved them because they increased shelf life as well as the flavor of their foods. Now, 50 years after their introduction, research is surfacing about how these foods contribute to abdominal fat and food cravings.

For the next two weeks I challenge you to avoid trans fats. This means avoiding any pre-packaged foods, including frozen diet meals (yes, most of them contain trans fats). Instead, eat whole foods that have not been processed. Fill your daily diet with oatmeal with frozen berries, a chicken Caesar salad, whole fruits, and home-made vegetable soup and notice the results almost immediately.